About Us

My love of animals from an early age has grown into a small professional business over a number of years. I have gained a great amount of knowledge & experience, caring for a wide variety of animals. Not only am I  blessed to work with animals  professionally, I have been extremely lucky to have a number of pets over the years, at this present time I have Paddy my Horse, Max my border collie, Hector & Louis my cats, Cuddly Duddly my rabbit, Eenie, Meanie, Minie, & Little Mo my ducks  ……..also 8 little ducklings unnamed as yet ! I couldn’t be happier in that every day I am rewarded by the love and gratitude from the animals I care for, they are so grateful for their fun times, play and cuddles. Most importantly, I provide a service for those people who like me, either longed to own their own pet but didn’t feel their lifestyle catered for it, or who struggle to juggle their hectic work and family schedule with giving their pets exercise, socialisation and attention to keep them happy, well behaved and contented.

Why we are different??

We never “street walk”. Pounding pavements is boring for your pets. That’s why we always use local parks, woodland and the countryside. We only walk in small groups. Additionally we provide regular feedback to our clients. Your pets will be respected and treated as part of our family. If you are looking for your pet to be looked after in any of the surrounding areas then look no further than “Happy Paws”. Quality is number 1 to us – Just like our service. Happy Paws making the competition look “ruff”

Did you know that… Do you want to keep your dogs healthy?

A dog, is an animal, is a walker, a traveller by instinct. Every dog needs exercise. Dog walking is great and demanding. The experience of walking with pets is like raising up a child trying to make them feel happy as well as keeping them healthy. This has become a necessity. Good news because “Happy Paws” offers a personal, high quality service to clients throughout Ponteland and the surrounding areas. When you hire a dog walking expert, you can actually enjoy services to meet the needs of you and your pet. Dog walking in Ponteland and surrounding areas with “Happy Paws” provides the service you are looking for. A dog should be walked at least once daily. They are required to have more and frequent walks. Aside from burning up energy and provides exercise, walking also stimulates the dogs mental status. It works together with the mind and body that molds the pet’s sense of well-being. Walking keeps their heart and muscles active. We love our pets, so we want to increase their lifespan as far as possible. Dogs that do not get enough walking may get frustrated and demonstrate ill behavior in public. Most of them are likely to be unstable and undesirable. This activity gives benefit both to the Dog walker as well as the pet. Dog walking is a job that will ensure that you remain in good spirits and are healthy in both mind and body. All dogs, regardless of size or breed, need to be taken on daily walks, jogs, runs, bike rides, rollerblading, by any means you have to get your dog moving. A normal dog walks about 15 miles a day. They have the capacity and strength to carry on to meet their daily needs. Taking your dog for a walk is an important ritual in keeping your dog mentally stable, physically fit, and stimulated. Being an excellent activity, dog walking service is very much required by everyone. This common and universal activity is even recommended by expert veterinarians. Another clear advantage of this activity is that it gives your pet opportunity to meet new doggy friends. Happy Paws provides your pet services in Ponteland and the surrounding areas. We are a friendly team and greatly experienced and all our services are insured. Holding their responsibility, this is to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets. We are committed to our service to you and your pet. We provide personal and comprehensive pet care in the following areas. Ponteland, Darras Hall, Dalton, Milbourne, Belsay, Ogle, Whalton, Kirkley and surrounding areas.

Your cat needs to play, to have fun…..

When we think of pets that need exercise and play time, cats do not automatically spring to mind.
But they should……..
Our domestic cats don’t need to hunt for a living, but they still have those natural instincts to chase, climb and hide. Toys, games and other forms of entertainment enrich your cat’s life and burn calories, keeping it happy and healthy. And kitty playtime takes only two or three minutes several times each day. That’s where “Happy Paws “can help when you’re not available, we will do this for you keeping kitty happy,health,active both physically and mentally.